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Software Update Checker - Download Latest Version: 0.2.2
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MD5 Checksum (of the Zip): 4CC791B684A188CE9361419170FB9F87

Download Here

Revision History:
v0.2.2 (2006-08-12)
- Added error reporting for registry keys/values that can't be found

v0.2.1 (2006-08-10)
- Removes the v if there is a v before the version number so it doesn't turn out like @ vV1.05

v0.2 (2006-08-10)
- Added registry checking to allow the program to check the software version you have installed on your computer and then to compare your version with the website version

v0.1 (2006-08-8)
- Initial Release

Note: Only download the program from our server as some users might edit the program or create their own program with the same file name and have you executing malicious code. We have included a MD5 Checksum which you can use to verify that the file you have download is the one supplied by us.

Compatibility: At this point in time, the program can only be run on the Microsoft Windows platform. You also are required to have Java JRE with the minimum version of 1.4.2_07.

Although we have tested our application and in theory there shouldn't be any errors which cause computer problems. Please view the End User License Agreement before running this application. This is just a standard thing which has to be done when releasing programs to protect ourselves from any damages, etc.

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